Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2021

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2021.

Is 2021 the year your kitchen will get a much-needed upgrade? If so, here are some of the top kitchen cabinet trends for 2021:

Shaker style cabinets.

Shaker style cabinets have been around for ages but their classic look simply never goes out of style. 

These cabinets feature a recessed panel within a 4-piece wooden frame and can be accessorized to create your own, individual style. 

They are minimalistic, elegant and perfect if you want a kitchen style that will look great years or even decades from now. 

Sleek cabinetry.

Cabinetry that is sleek, seamless and provides wall-to-wall storage space is incredibly popular right now. 

This is a great choice if you want a style that has clean, sharp lines and a fuss-free feel to your kitchen.

Classic white cabinets

Classic white cabinets are another type of kitchen design that will never date or go out of fashion. 

2021 has seen classic white cabinetry being more popular than ever before. 

With its fresh, clean look, white also helps to brighten up the space and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Warm colors and hues

While cool tones in kitchen cabinets have been all the rage for the past few years, warmer hues are definitely making a comeback. 

Warmer colors evoke feelings of homeliness, comfort and relaxation and the most trending colors at the moment include beiges and grey-browns.

Heavy-duty finishes and painted kitchen cabinets

Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchens preparing food, socializing and eating meals. 

It therefore goes without saying that your kitchen cabinets will experience a lot of wear and tear. 

This has made heavy-duty paint, accessories and finishes very popular at the moment. 

Speak to your kitchen designer about an attractive color, heavy-duty emulsion paint for your cabinets and some hard-working accessories.