Open Concept Kitchen Cabinets

Spend an hour viewing HGTV and you are bound to hear 2 words, “open concept.” Spaces with open concept layout are all the rage because they offer more area, much better performance, and a more pleasing design. However how? I’m here to assist address your burning concerns about open concept cooking areas and more.

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How Does An Open Concept Kitchen Work?
An open concept kitchen floor plan removes barriers in a home, opening it up to other rooms of your home, typically locations like the dining-room or living space. Rather than having walls to support the weight of the ceiling, open concept homes will have load-bearing beams. Installation of these beams eliminates the unused space that walls and doors use up, making even the smallest of areas feel large and roomy.

Open Concept Kitchen Storage
Do you feel squeezed into area in your kitchen? Are you wondering where you can fit all your pots, pans, and garbage cans? These small open concept kitchen concepts will work!

Walls Of Storage

A Pot Rack

Walls are a storage option that is often overlooked. A basic pot rack or even a mug rack held on the wall can free up area in cabinets and drawers, leaving them free for storing things you ‘d rather have off display. Desire a DIY option? Hang a pegboard in a color of your choice and your kitchen theme.

Drawers, Cabinets, and Shelves, Oh My!

Do you have an additional wall in between your kitchen and other typical areas? Adding sections of kitchen cabinetry and shelving into an unused wall can give you additional storage. Dividing it into 3 unique sections of drawers, cabinets, and racks will add visual interest, making it appear like more than simply a location to stash your things.

Vertical Storage

Pull Out Pantry

Bid farewell to digging through your pantry for the paprika. Keep your sugar, spice, and whatever good in a pull out pantry. This gadget allows for much easier access, higher presence, and optimum usage of the area in your kitchen.

A Corner Lazy Susan

A spin out lazy susan corner cabinet can make all the difference in providing extra space to a small area. These specially designed cabinets will free up tons of storage and clutter in your kitchen environment!

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