New Kitchen Design Trends To Take Note Of

Cabinet Factory has been in business for over forty years. During this time, we’ve always been fascinated by the latest kitchen trends and how we can incorporate them into our clients’ kitchens. 

Here are some kitchen design trends to take note of! 

kitchen cabinets

Space for a Kitchen Table

Modern homeowners demand a lot more functionality from their kitchens than in previous years. 

A rising trend to take note of is space for a table in the kitchen where family and friends can gather to eat, hang out and make memories. 

Keen to include a kitchen table in your home? Cabinet Factory can help with your kitchen design and recommend the best place for it! 

Interesting Tiles for a Backsplash

From subway tiles, brightly-colored matte tiles, to shiny tiles in striking colors, the kitchen backsplash is now a very important element of any kitchen. 

The good news is that you can choose any style, color or pattern that you like, and it will look amazing. 

Need ideas on a great tile backsplash solution? Cabinet Factory can make a suitable recommendation for you! 

Elegant Lighting

Kitchen lighting has, in recent years, had a major upgrade. It’s no longer trendy to have functional or basic kitchen lighting. 

Modern kitchen lighting is beautiful, elegant, multi-layered, and adds to your kitchen’s style. 

If you’d like to modernize your kitchen lighting, consider pendant lights encased in geometrical shapes that hang down at various lengths. 

Open Shelves

Although modern kitchens are known for their minimalism and clean lines, incorporating an open shelf is a fun way to showcase beautiful cookware, recipe books, and other elegant items you want to use to decorate your kitchen. 

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen, consider having one cabinet without doors, or asking your Cabinet Factory consultant to include a suitable shelving option.